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Monday, March 21, 2011

hahaha! after got another blog, i totally forgot about this blog.
today i no more job le, and back to rotting home life! waiting for baby to end work and i'll go his house and see the scariest thing ever! RESULTS!! omg.. kill me! i know i confirm wont maintain the last sem result, but PLEASE~ make me maintain a 3.5! i wanna survive! i'll work really hard from next sem onwards! baby is my motivation and nv will be my distraction! so please! give me a good one! thank you!

8:22 PM

Friday, February 11, 2011

all i want to hear from u is i love you.

8:13 AM

Sunday, February 06, 2011

i am happy overall. but today was rather sad because someone neglected me. but i guess i really need to go reflect on myself whether i'm really wrong.. but sometimes i hope u can send me something like u miss me, or something. at least i wont feel so neglected and waiting for u while trying to do my stuffs to occupy me from thinking and waiting for you.
anyway, its school day tmr! face reality bahx.

7:54 AM

Monday, January 17, 2011

hello! i wanna thank those people that celebrate my advanced birthday with me!! :D
YUNNI! thanks for planning such an awesome activity! ask my boyf to bluff me uh.. you're the most natural one mann! i really nv suspect you! and also, thanks for the collage and bikini! so nice lor! hehe. even though i didnt cry, u success in it! i love it!
CYNTHIA! thanks for making such a nice video! it nearly make me cry.. and i know u spent ur night doing it!you also listen to me complain about my boy at tpy! but u controlled not to tell me actually he's coming.. nice actor! really thanks alot! :D
HUIYU! thanks for listening to me complain as well! encourage me to change boyf also! haha. really can act lor! lol. thanks for going home with me when u're free too! :D
ASHLEY, CANDY, YONGZHI AND ESHLEY! thanks for being there to make the ''party'' a merrier one! without u guys, i dont think we can play captains ball until so fun and tired! lol..
YONGHAO! thanks for telling lies to me for one whole week! and also beared with me complaining and crying to u in phone, but u still have to control not to tell me u're coming.. i'm really so happy to see you! :D
photos are up in facebook! hope you guys enjoyed the day! THANKS! love you guys! :D

5:41 AM

Sunday, January 02, 2011

its a brand new year already!! HAHAHA.. i had an awesome new year eve! like a dream come true! prawning and fireworks! woo~
okay, dont say i nv post our photos at marina barrage on 29th Dec horx dear.. now all the photos are up! including his beautiful new haircut! love it love it. sorry for being too sensitive at times.. u're so goooooooood!! hope we can all have a good year ahead! :D

6:37 AM

Thursday, December 30, 2010

wow wow.. see yunni blog until so touching, i also wanna blog liao.. hahaha..
one year have passed! still remember last yr i was preparing to go KL to count down.. and this yr i felt so bad letting my mum go alone with aunt they all.. argh.. i didnt know i can finish my assignments la. ): sorry mum.. i know this yr i keep nv listen to u, in the end i regret on my own, but i know u care for me the most! and i care for mummy the most too.. (:
and then, of course thanks my ladies. sisters have the same fate.. ya ya. but then i guess both of us feel much much better now.. thanks for being there when i need someone to talk to.. and shoppingg, manicure, ktv, many many morre!. (:
cynthia also~ u're awesome in taking photos! hahaha.. even though we may have some misunderstandings, but u'll always put friends first. thats what i like in u.
my 3 other friends in sp too.. woo~ we always eat and project tgt, laugh and laugh with diff jokes and acting..
and of course, my ''someone''.. hehe.. u make me cry and smile the most this year.. even though sometimes we may quarrel, but u'll always try to wait for me to feel better before talking to me. u'll always be there when i need u too. hope everyday is a happy day with u and no more leaving! (:
other friends and classmates too! you all just brighten my days~ (:

8:04 AM

Friday, December 24, 2010

i had a great christmas eve! yea, though only in the afternoon, but we had fun at east coast park! ooo~ lyh is a good cyclist! but we both cycle until butt pain.. haha.. ok, let the pictures do the talking.. thanks for those that wish me merry christmas! and lyh for ur 17 christmas trees! and nicest christmas card everrrr!! :D

10:02 PM